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5 Ways to Optimize Images on Your Site

2 min to read
Adding Images to Your Site

If you are putting together a solid marketing strategy, don't forget about adding images to your website. We cannot deny the importance of photos in the here and now. According to statistics, a...

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Web Design Tips for Small Businesses

3 min to read
Pen and phone laying on paper, with website framework drawn on it

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges that owners of small businesses need to deal with is having and maintaining a website. What makes it even harder is the unlimited options available, and the c...

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7 Signs Your Website Needs A Redesign

6 min to read
Woman with her hands on her head, frustrated at latop

Technology is always changing. Websites are more frequently being viewed on mobile devices and tablets. Social media and community interaction are shaping the way websites should function and l...

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Important Factors to Consider When Creating a Website

3 min to read
Hands typing on laptop next to a coffee mug

It's now as important - and sometimes even more so to have a successful online presence than it is to have a successful offline presence. Even the smallest web design mistake can ruin the experienc...

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These 4 Web Design Principles Will Improve Your Conversion Rate

3 min to read
Laptop on desk with Google homepage open

According to studies, humans have an attention span of merely 8 seconds. Therefore, businesses have only a few seconds to keep visitors on their website. When this is not achieved, chances are, vis...

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