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Social Media Trends That Every Business Owner Must Know in 2022

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So what are the important social media trends to implement in 2022? Well, let’s hear from the horse’s mouth. Trish Carey, Marketing Director at SellerEngine Software sums it up with these killer tips.

Love your audience and make them happy

Social media is all about building a relationship. If you don’t love your audience, they’re not going to love you back or become loyal to you. This is 2022 and the top priority of marketers should be on how to improve engagement and responsiveness with followers. Staying timely and authentic is really good, says Jasmine Sandler, CEO of JS media.

“In other words, maintaining a quick response to customer’s questions, complaint or issues is a good way to show brand loyalty to customers. “ According to Sandler.

Smart business owners now understand that directly interacting with users in their social media platform is the best way to go instead of just directing them to a website for traffic and visibility.

“Predictably, in coming years, the scale of social media interaction may shift from the typical 1: many people style to the 1:1 style”, she said. No matter how large a brand is, customers always expect a more personal relationship.

Tell inspiring stories and relate with customer’s emotions

2022 will be a year of inspiration on social media, Says the Assistant Editor of Search Engine Journal, Anna Crowe. A story creates a special relatable bond between a brand and the audience. Sure, that’s more work for brands and marketers because they have to tell good stories. You have to tell stories that relate to the reader’s situation or mind, not one that talks about your brand. So how will you find content that appeals to users? Look for trendy posts on social media and turn them into an article. For example, you can convert one of your Facebook live videos into articles, listicles or other forms of content.

Video is 2022!

Yes. You heard that right. Video is becoming a social media trend again. Brands and businesses must implement a video strategy. You don’t just post native videos. This is 2022. You’ll need to create highly interactive yet short videos. Start by creating a 30-60 seconds for stories. Always repurpose your content whenever you can. Make the first 10 seconds super interesting because no matter how engaging, lively, and informative your content is, some people may not watch to the end.


Tiktok is one ofthe most popular platforms in 2022. It is an app where you can create short videos, select effects, latest sounds and hashtags. It is not too late to jump on this wagon. The cool part is you can create a video in seconds and share it across other social media platforms. Businesses started last year and in 2021 have gained millions of followers.

Content made for mobile

It’s important to dish out great content that is beautiful, fluid, and well interactive for mobile users. All of your content on social media must always accommodate a mobile user. For instance, if you want them to click on a link, make sure the link is specially designed for mobile.